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Why Carry Girl

Posted on June 18 2018

Why Carry Girl


Before 2005 I was never involved in politics, maybe I was in this denial that if I didn’t get involved in any politics or watch the news it would somehow not affect me.  This was so naive of me.  I knew that I had mostly conservative views growing up but I was brought up in household that had very little affiliations with any political party so my decision to become a conservative women came from the good old fashioned values that my father instilled in me.  

I met and married my husband in 2005 and we moved to the great state of Texas in 2006. Best decision ever! My husband, a Veteran of the US Air Force and former police officer, is a strong supporter of 2A and a constitutional conservative.  I quickly became very aware of the importance of 2A, the constitution and also my love for shooting.  Shooting became a love of mine and I quickly acquired a strong respect for weapons and firearms safety.  I decided in 2015 to get my License to Carry.  I knew that in order to truly empower myself I needed to carry every day to protect myself and my family. 

At age 19, I was a survivor of an attack and sexual assault on my college campus.  I remember when I went away to school my father gave me a small can of pocket mace, that my resident advisor in my first week of school took from me and replaced with a red whistle. A red whistle! I walked around campus for a week with that red whistle, being afraid and knowing that this whistle would never protect me.  And it didn’t! I was attacked and raped a week later by a man in a dark corner outside my dorm building.  I never thought once during the attack, where is my whistle?  That man took something from me that night but also instilled in me the determination to never be a victim again. NEVER.  If I was allowed to carry on my campus and knew the importance of carrying a firearm back then, I could have changed the outcome of the horrible night for me.  I could have saved myself. 

As a woman I am so thankful that the Second Amendment affirms my natural right to protect myself in my home, in my car, at all times!  I believe it is so important to support women on college campuses, in our cities and small towns by educating them and creating a strong community around them to empower them to protect themselves by carrying a firearm if they so choose.  The Carry Girl movement is that community. 




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