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Posted on June 09 2018

Where are all the shirts and hats for women?  This is a question I asked myself constantly when visiting the multiple gun shows and trade-shows over past few years. After attending the NRA Annual Meetings in  Dallas earlier this year and seeing the lack of cool and creative women’s apparel and accessories I knew I needed to change that. I decided to combine my love for country, 2nd amendment and my love of shooting into an apparel line that supported those interests. There is such a large market of men's apparel available, it’s time for an apparel line dedicated to the girls. My husband who is a proud Air Force Veteran and constitutional conservative agreed that there should be more choices for women.  We knew we wanted a platform dedicated to promoting, educating and supporting women who shoot, carry and believe in the 2nd Amendment. So we created Carry Girl Gear.  

Not only do I want to design badass t-shirts and hats to wear on and off the range for Carry Girls, but I also wanted to start a very important movement.  A Movement for the woman who shoots.  A Movement for the woman who conceal carries.  A Movement for the conservative woman. A Movement for the women who believes in her natural right to protect herself and her family.  A Movement for the woman who loves her country. These women sometimes have a quieter voice. Now is the time for us to get loud and make some fricken noise! Join the Carry Girl Movement and show off your appreciation for this great country, our constitution and the liberty we enjoy that is affirmed by the 2nd Amendment; and look fabulous while doing it!

Women like us need to let our voices be heard.



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