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The Carry Girl Way

Posted on June 22 2018

If you follow us on social media, then you are probably already familiar with my story and why I carry and why I started this movement. But, aside from my personal story, why is Second Amendment itself important?

The ideas that went in to the inclusion of the Second Amendment in to our constitution are very deep and profound. I'm not going to get in to that here because there are other blogs and articles that explain it better than I could; but I will explain why I believe it is important as a practical matter today.

Every person has a right to protect themselves in any way they see fit. I choose, as well as many other people, to use a firearm. The Second Amendment - the right to keep and bear arms - guarantees that I can use any tool at my disposal to protect myself and my family. No other country in the world has a constitution that guarantees this right.

This movement is rooted in the concept that people, women in particular need to be empowered to protect themselves. Not that it's the gun itself that is empowering, but the knowledge that your life is worth protecting by any means necessary. Knowing how to use one, training so that should the time come that you have to use one, you can do so with confidence and trust that you will win.

The left is pushing the notion that no one needs a firearm; that the government can protect you. We've seen all to often recently that relying on the government for anything other than disappointment is just silly. There are many people that live in rural areas where the nearest law enforcement officer may be 20-30 minutes away. Most life threatening situations are over in a fraction of that time. Should we just curl up in a ball and hope that the threat has mercy on us, or should we confront the threat and show it no mercy? That might sound harsh, but this movement is about empowering women to know that we can confront the threat and eliminate it if we have to. Without the guarantee of the Second Amendment, we're back to curling up in a ball. That is not the Carry Girl way.




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