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A Man's Perspective...

Posted on June 25 2018

One of the most important responsibilities a man has is to protect his family. In most cases, a man cannot be there 100% of the time to fulfill that responsibility. Despite what the media tells us, the threats we face are real. One way to mitigate these threats is through the defensive use of a firearm. The left likes to focus on the tragedies of mass shootings because that fits the gun control agenda that they are pushing. They never focus on the stories that show us how firearms in the hands of good people save lives. 

A woman in Georgia used her handgun to defend herself and her children against an intruder while her husband was not at home. Another woman in Oklahoma shot and killed an intruder less than a week after her husband passed away while her three month old son was in the other room. In Arizona a woman shot and killed a man who tried to force his way in to her home in an attempt to rob her or worse. These types of incidents happen far too often and if a woman's husband, father, boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter is not around to help neutralize the threat, you need a way to level the field. No matter how much you work out, no matter how proficient you are in martial arts or other fighting techniques, there is someone out there who wants to do you harm who is bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled. The best equalizer is a firearm. 

Owning a firearm and being able to use it to defend one's life or the lives of loved ones are not the same thing. The carry girl movement isn't just about cool gear and cool guns. It's about empowerment. It's about having the confidence and knowledge that if there is a threat to your safety, you can effectively deal with that threat. I said earlier that protecting your family is an important responsibility. Buying a firearm and putting it in your Carry Girl's hand is only the beginning. You need to train with it to get proficient at marksmanship as well as being able to effectively use it under stress/duress. If you're qualified to train then you have a responsibility to do so. If you're not, it's your responsibility to make sure your carry girl gets that training. That said, even if you are qualified, it's probably still a good idea to have someone else do it. You both will be glad you did!



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