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I'm Conservative, Stop telling me I can't be a feminist too!

Posted on January 16 2019

You march for this, I march for that,…Women have become more divided over the past few years, but shouldn't we all be on the same team? The team that fights for women's rights.  But doesn’t that mean ALL rights.  I think with all this division happening now, we need to talk about what a feminist is:

Definition of feminism 

1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests

So after reading this definition, how has feminism changed to be that you are only a feminist if you vote a certain way. What has changed? Being a conservative woman does not make me any less of a feminist than someone who has more liberal views. You can be a Republican and be a feminist too. 

I believe women should be treated equally to men, my opinion should be equal to men and we should be paid equally for the same positions as men.  If you define yourself as a feminist, how can you not be open to a women fighting for women?  Even though you might not share with my interests or point of view, isn’t the fact that I am doing something to empower women feminism? The beauty of living in the United States is that we do not all have to have the same views; it’s ok to think differently.

We need to stop pitting us against each other and respect that whatever party you vote for, if you are fighting for women's rights, no matter what the cause we should be supporting one another. We must start respecting each other. Why are your beliefs more important than mine? 

I am conservative.  I can also be a feminist.  I can be a leader in my community and make a difference. I encourage any woman to stand up and for what you believe in even if I don't agree. I am no less of a woman because I am conservative, so stop saying that. If you believe I am less of woman because I am a conservative, how can you really call yourself a feminist?



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