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"I carry for me and my church. " -Annie, Texas

Posted on March 22 2019

I carry for me and my church. 

I knew from a young age that I wanted to get my concealed carry license. What gave me the urgency to get licensed, is all the church shootings. I’m not paranoid that it will happen at my church, but it gives me a peace of mind that I have the tools and training to stop a deadly threat. I can’t fit a man in my back pocket and expect to be protected. It is definitely not a social norm for a girl to carry, but we are a natural easy target. Evil and sin exist, so as a consequence bad people do bad things. I pray I never have to pull the trigger, but I will protect me and my loved ones from a deadly threat. 

I train by taking classes every other month and I just recently got into USPSA competition shooting. Training is no joke, but making it fun motivates me to keep regular training in my routine. If you don’t train, don’t carry. Get trained, take classes and get plugged into something that fits your lifestyle so you are prepared!

I work in a church office and great people come in our doors! But there are times where something is off with someone and we just need to keep an eye on them. Since I got licensed I am much more aware of my surroundings, most of the time someone is hurting and needs to be heard and loved like Jesus calls us to love. 

Be blessed,

Annie, Texas



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