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Top 5 Carry Girl Conceal Carry Favorites & Shopping Tips

Posted on October 08 2018

Finding the best forearm to suit your needs is an important purchase.  I remember heading to the store to purchase my first gun specifically to carry daily.  What size? What caliber?  What kind of holster will I use? Where will I carry?  Do I want an external safety? What weight do I want?  There are so many variables to consider when making this purchase.  I luckily went shopping with my husband, who is VERY knowledgeable about firearms.  I also went to a gun store where they took their time to sell me the perfect fit for me.  If you have the chance to go to a gun range where you can also try out some firearms to see what your personal preferences are that is ideal. (Try before you buy) You want to make sure the size is appropriate for you, and where you will be carrying on your person and is comfortable enough to carry all day. I have listed below my top 5 favorite firearms to carry. These are all firearms I have chosen to carry and fire regularly.  If you have one to add, Please share in the comments for people to view your favorite carry option. 

  1. Ruger LC9

This is very popular carry choice for women, and one of my favorite guns to carry and shoot.  It is very low profile and slim, lightweight and very compact. It has rounded edges so it makes it comfortable to carry and it will not snag on your clothing.  The slide is smooth and easy to rack and has a very smooth trigger pull.  For women with petite hands this firearm is a very slim and has a comfortable grip.

  1. Ruger LCR

This was my first carry purchase.  When I went to purchase, I never thought I would choose a revolver.  But this firearm is very light due to its polymer-frame (weighs only 13.5 oz) and very comfortable in your hand. This hammerless revolver is easy to load and the recoil is very manageable and it is easy to control. This firearm comes in .38 spl+P, .357 Mag and 9mm which are ideal calibers for this revolver. This is a definite CARRY GIRL FAV!


  1. Sig Sauer P938

Sig Sauer firearms are very reliable and this weapon is a 1911 styled firearm, solid and very easy to conceal due to its smaller size. It is available in 9mm, .40 SW and .45 ACP and has cool features you can add like, cool color options and extendable magazines. This firearm is easy on the hand and has a very manageable recoil.



  1. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This is a super reliable every day carry choice.  This is another striker-fired weapon offered in multiple calibers — 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP. This firearm does have larger frame and is a little heavier coming in at around 20 ounces but feels very sturdy in your hands.  It is however slim and small enough to make it very easy to conceal.



  1. Kimber Micro 9

This firearm has a very smooth design and round edges making it easy and comfortable to carry.  It is also lightweight at 15.6 ounces, has a very smooth trigger pull and a very mild recoil.  This is also one of my favorite firearms to shoot at the range.  This is a little more pricey firearm but worth it for the quality and performance of Kimber firearms.

 So at the end of the day we all will have a personal preference on what kind of conceal carry firearm we choose to carry.  But please make sure to take the time and effort to research, try the firearm if you can and think about what important factors are vital to you before you shop for your carry firearm.  As women we wear different types of clothing and outfits every day, so if you don’t have multiple carry firearms to work around what you bare wearing, make sure when shopping you think about how you will conceal with how you dress daily.  Let me and other readers of this blog know what your favorite EDC weapons are and why in the comments.  Good luck and remember once you get your conceal carry weapon it so important to continue to practice and train regularly.




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