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10 tips to Protect your Home during an Invasion-Are you prepared?

Posted on September 17 2018

Did you know one property crime happens every 4 seconds and one burglary occurs every 20 seconds.  Are you really prepared for a home invasion? 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during a home invasion.  Are you prepared to defend yourself when there is no time to even call 911?

Whether you live alone, with your family, in the city or country, you should start with a plan.  During a home invasion you will be under stress and panic so being ready and prepared is a necessity. 

Here are some tips to creating a successful emergency plan. 

  1. Research your local self-defense laws in your state and make sure all conceal/carry weapons permits are up to date.  Make sure to get firearm insurance if possible. (example: NRA Carry Guard)
  2. Your family should all have training to use your firearms.  The first time you are firing your weapon should NOT be during a home invasion.
  3. Make sure to have a specific place in your home that your family will go in the case of an intrusion into your home. Make sure to have a phone, flashlight and a readily available firearm.
  4. Make sure to practice this plan with your family and make sure everyone in your family unit is aware and comfortable with this plan.  Also-  Have a plan B! 
  5. At the first sign of a home invasion, do your best to immediately call 911 or your local police for help. Keep all your emergency numbers near the phone in your designated meeting place.
  6. Because most home invasions happen at night, keep your cell phone and car keys close by you. During a home invasion you can set off your car alarm, this may detour the invaders.
  7. Make sure your home exterior is well lit, motion detectors and alarms systems can be great safeguards.
  8. Make sure all windows and doors are locked. 
  9. Make sure your firearm is locked and loaded. Proper firearm safety and storage in your home is top priority.  It is helpful to have multiple storage locations and make sure they are readily accessible.
  10. All of your firearms should be well maintained, clean and continue to practice with all of your firearms.

Depending on where you live and the layout of your home, not all home defense plans will be the same. In preparing your family you can also contact local police or your security company to help you and your family prepare.  Being prepared doesn’t make your paranoid or afraid.  I am ready to stand in defense of what matters most in my home, are you?



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