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Tactical Fairies - Shooters, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs

Posted on September 04 2019

Tactical Fairies - Shooters, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs

 Hi, we are Gwendolyn and Pamela - two friends who share a passion for shooting, firearms and military events. We are from Austria, where gun's rights are much more restricted than in the US and our blog aims at dispersing some of the rather widespread prejudice against firearms. On our channels, we share our personal experience of tactical shooting courses, home defense, self-defense and first aid classes. 

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I have always been drawn to weapons - my great-grandfather was a rifle inventor, so guns kind of run in my bloodline. After high school, I ventured on quite a different path though, spending many years in Asia, where I became a certified yoga instructor and taught workshops and private classes. When I finally returned to Austria I fell in love with an army officer and reconnected with the military lifestyle. I loved attending military events with him and developed a growing passion for firearms. Unfortunately, he decided to leave both the army and me, to pursue a consulting career in another country. Very disappointing to say the least. Another gun guy ambushed my heart - again I was ecstatic about the tactical breeze that he brought into my life and again he left the country - and me! (I sure know how to pick them...). After that break-up, however, I decided that enough was enough and that I wasn't going to depend on boyfriends anymore for a connection to the world of guns but was going to take matters into my very own hands. I decided that even though I was a tiny girl of all but 100 pounds I could still go for the things that I admired and make them part of my own life! 

I took shooting classes and signed up for the "Austrian Armed Forces Girls Camp" - where women spend 3 days in military barracks, following the curriculum and timetable of conscripts. I learned a bunch of amazing things and absolutely loved that camp. And- I was shocked to see that many of my friends have lots of prejudice against both the army and against firearms and were disapproving and unsupportive of my new undertakings. They had no actual contact with firearms, yet were biased and filled with anti-gun arguments.  

Resistance and opposing winds don't stop me, they fuel me, so I decided I was going to pursue my interests even more vigorously and I wasn't only going to talk to my friends about my experiences, but I was going to talk to the online world about my undertakings. I created an Instagram account and a Facebook page and started sharing my gun and military-related adventures. Support showed up shortly afterward - Pamela, who runs her own marketing agency and has been shooting guns herself for a while, joined me and built a website and youtube channel for our platform. We both feel it is important to portray safe and responsible gun handling publicly to counteract the anti-gun bias. Together we have become Team "Tactical Fairies" - petite, vegetarian women, who do yoga and - own guns. We are both vulnerable and fierce, playful and serious, airy-fairy and grounded, and we don’t shy away from wild adventures that our dainty body and tender heart might not seem to be cut out for at first glance.  

We go to the range regularly, we feature shooting courses, self-defense classes, firearms, etc on our blog and aim to empower other women to try out things beyond their comfort zone and learn about self-defense. Being able to protect yourself as a woman has become increasingly important and while going to the shooting range and Krav Maga classes is a lot of fun, it also has a very serious side to it. 

We firmly believe that gun's rights are women's rights and we want to do what we can to protect these rights. 

Throughout the courses, competitions and range days we have met absolutely fantastic people who are so supportive of us and of women in general picking up shooting & self-defense. We are really grateful for our teachers, for everything that we have learned and of course for our own stubborn determination :) 

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Gwen and Pamela 




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