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3-D Hysteria

Posted on August 14 2018

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The hysteria around the idea of 3D printed guns is ridiculous. I did not appreciate Trump's tweet about it not making sense either. He has been doing a great job running the country, but how often do his tweets actually help matters?

Back on July 31, Judge Robert Lasnik of the US district court in Seattle issued a Temporary Restraining Order and said in his ruling that the Attorneys general who brought the suit had successfully established “a likelihood of irreparable harm”. This is patently false because people have been legally able to build their own guns for years. Plans, instructions and websites dedicated to showing people how to build their own guns have been readily available for years. Not to mention the fact that since the plans for 3D printed guns were first published, they have been out there and available, despite the fact that the plans were subsequently removed from Defense Distributed's website. The internet is forever. If anyone really wanted to get those plans, they could. This raises two questions. First, what irreparable harm could possibly come of it now? We have already established that the answer is none. Second, why is the left so fixated on blocking the publication of these plans? I have some theories.

The American communists hate the constitution and they really hate the second amendment.  They will look for any opening they can to attack it. Another reason is that they are just ignorant of the facts. As I stated previously, it has been legal to and people have been building their own guns for years. Making the plans available for 3D printed guns is not going to lead to some explosion in the availability of plastic guns. A printer capable of printing these guns is cost prohibitive for most people and it also requires some specialized skills that many do not have or have access to. The instructions that accompanied the original plans for the Liberator recommend discarding the barrel after a single use, so not only is it expensive, but the guns are not practical for any significant applications. Therefore, criminals, terrorists and other prohibited possessors will still opt for obtaining conventional firearms illegally.

One of my other theories is that they see this as a way to get a second bite at the apple and amend the gun control act of 1968 in order to make it illegal for people to build their own guns. Right now, unfinished or 80% lowers are legal and if you can get the fire control group area milled properly, the rest is relatively easy.  If they amend the law to classify unfinished lowers as firearms, building your own guns gets a lot more expensive and a lot less legal. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is easier for the anti-constitutionalists to vilify conservatives and firearms enthusiasts than it is to put in the work required to address the real issue at the root of mass shootings and gang killings. They point the finger at 2A supporters and firearms enthusiasts and we respond with logic and reason, backed up with data. They tend to respond back saying that the data is from right wing think tanks or the people conducting the studies have been debunked. David Hogg likes to say that NRA supporters have the blood of children on our hands and we condone murder. He has also come right out and said that we are actually murderers. It all boils down to the fact that the left hates liberty; it is a threat to their desire for total control; the second amendment was written as a safeguard against such tyranny.




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