US PeaceKeeper TSM Shooting Mat

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$127.99 $142.99

US PeaceKeeper, TSM Shooting Mat, 36"X72", OD Green

  • Water-Resistant 1000 Denier Nylon
  • Fully Padded
  • Detachable Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Ballistic Cheat Sheet Window

Product Description 

This US PeaceKeeper Tactical Shooting mat is the best shooting mat on the market" period. This folded shooting mat will not roll up on you while you are getting squared away or taking your shot" or anything in between. It is .75" thick" so you will not feel the rocks under your mat and is still the right thickness for competition. It is 81.5" in length and 36" in width; so no pulling up your shot because your elbows are hanging off this mat. It features a non-slip area for your elbows" pockets for your ammo" log book" and even a ballistic cheat sheet window. Three wide buckles secure this mat when folded and closed.

***This item does NOT ship internationally

***Due to Prop 65 this product does NOT ship into California