Howard Leight Impact Sport

$175.00 $115.00

Howard Leight, Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff-CARRY GIRL FAV! 

The Howard Leight Impact Sport Tactical Electronic Earmuffs provide 22dB protection  while amplifying ambient sound to 82 dB attenuating impulse and continuous noise in harmful environments.  This allows the user to clearly hear conversation or range commands while being protected from harmful sound such as gun fire. 

These comfortable earmuffs have an adjustable padded leatherette headband and fold up easily to fit in the included durable protective black hard case.  The cups are low profile and add to the users comfort and clearance while shooting.  Included are the protective hard case with foam inserts, a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary cable, 2 additional ear pads, a cloth range bag, and 2 AAA batteries.


  •  Howard Leight
  •  R-02601
  •  Impact Sport
  •  Earmuff
  •  Black
  •  Electronic
  •  Hard Case, AUX Cord, 2 AAA Batteries
  •  Ear Protection