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Grey Ghost Precision Wanderer

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The Wanderer is made of Waxed canvass and has waterproof zippers as an upgrade. Carry your precious items in wet conditions without a worry. The Bag has external measurements of 20.5 inches long, 11.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches deep. The carrying strap is made from seat belt webbing and is fully adjustable to fit the petite and the brawny users. On either end of the bag are pockets, one, zippered and flap closed, that expands to carry a water bottle.

And the other end features an open stash pocket that could hold a small umbrella, med blowout kit or 2 AR mags. The flap that covers the body of the bag is secured with 2 magnetic snaps that seem to find their home without even directing them where to go. The reverse side of the gate has two zippered pockets to organize loose small items. On the back wall of this compartment are 4 varying sized pockets, made of stretch mesh, for securing larger items the size of back up batteries and rifle mags. There is also a pen pocket to carry the “stabby” pen. 

The wanderer will allow you to access your off body carry concealed pistol from a zippered pocket on the very back of the bag. The pocket is pleated to the inside of the bag so that you will not “print” the pistol to the observing crowd. That pocket is 15 inches wide across the back of the bag and it is 10.5 inches deep. Plenty of room for most commonly carried pistols and spare mags. The pocket is lined with a loop material that your hook backed holsters will stick into with maximum adjustability.


  •  Grey Ghost Precision
  •  6027-GRY
  •  Wanderer Messenger Bag
  •  Bag
  •  Charcoal
  •  Waxed Canvas
  •  20.5"x11.5"x4.5"

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