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Message from Carry Girl Gear

At Carry Girl Gear we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our staff, family, partners and friends. We want to make sure we stay open and continue to provide you dope gear and personal defense gear needed in this crazy time, whether you need to past the time and add to cart or need some defense carry items, We have still got your six!! 
Our community and our partners are what is most important to us, and the well-being of our staff and customers remain our number one priority as we deal with the risks around Corona-virus.
We will do everything we can to continue to meet all printing and shipping deadlines for all your orders, BUT we are running on a smaller staff and the shipping times have been obviously delayed .We will do all we can to get all items out to you as soon as possible!  
We are dedicated to providing you the very best products and service and we will continue to fulfill that promise to you regardless of external events. While we cannot be certain of how long this virus will cause disruption, we are certain that we will all get through this together, as a community.
Thank you for trusting us and having our back during this difficult time. 

Bee and your Friends at Carry Girl Gear