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Welcome to Carry Girl Gear! I am a proud constitutional conservative and avid supporter of the second amendment. I have been to a number of gun shows, trade shows and gun ranges where apparel is sold and very little of it, if any, are catered to women. We started Carry Girl to change that. We wanted to start a company to help promote, educate and support women who shoot, carry and are supporters of the second amendment. 
At age 19, I was a survivor of an attack and sexual assault on my college campus. I remember when I went away to school my father gave me a small can of pocket mace, that my resident adviser in my first week of school took from me and replaced with a red whistle. A red whistle! I walked around campus for a week with that red whistle, being afraid and knowing that this whistle would never protect me. And it didn’t! I was attacked and raped a week later by a man in a dark corner outside my dorm building. I never thought once during the attack, where is my whistle? That man took something from me that night but also instilled in me the determination to never be a victim again. NEVER.   
If I was allowed to carry on my campus and knew the importance of carrying a firearm back then, I could have changed the outcome of the horrible night for me. I could have saved myself. As a woman I am so thankful that the Second Amendment affirms my natural right to protect myself in my home, in my car, at all times! I believe it is so important to support women on college campuses, in our cities and small towns by educating them and creating a strong community around them to empower them to protect themselves by carrying a firearm if they so choose.
The Carry Girl movement is that community.  We also have a message. We want to really help EMPOWER women, not just pay lip service to a dead movement. Creating a community of strong women who empower themselves by protecting themselves. We set out to not only provide bad ass designs for bad ass women but start a new movement, The #CarryGirl movement. Join us and be a part of something special and truly empowering.